Left Hookers Delight?

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Blog – Christmas 2018

‘Mrs. May’ might not be getting the deal done, but LHD Euro buyers could be…

While dear old Theresa is being applauded for her stamina in recent months, in the week that we see all the usual Christmas fare come to the flickering screen in the corner of the room, if we can draw a comparison to Strictly Come Dancing…   I think she is now getting found out, she only seems to know the two-step ‘Dad dance’ shuffle.

In fact if I can draw that terrible analogy out further, she might need to be taken outside to see one of the Daleks – and maybe replaced by one of our more popular female powerhouses…Dr Who for PM anyone?   

While the Westminster vs Brussels dance off seems to be draining the life out of 95% of the populous, and the exchange rate!!   Shmoo find ourselves picking up on sales across the water again and LHD cars are proving popular.

So…Left Hookers Delight?

Doing our bit to bridge the Brexit divide, Shmoo Automotive currently has in its possession some interesting Italian exotics, plus a rather lovely story of a 1957 Fiat 1100 that’s been stood in an Italian Barn since before I was born!            Read on for details….

  • 2006/56 – Ferrari F430 F1 Spider – LHD – 18,500kms €97,999 or £89,999.

Rosso Corsa with Tan – Just checked over at Shiltech in Loughborough.

This one has an interesting story.  Always ran and owned by UK owners, but bought new from Stuttgart Ferrari.  More details, including high-res photos and a walk-around video can be found on the sales section of the website.    It represents excellent value and is at least €15,000 under equivalent cars on  This car is located with us in Leicestershire UK.

  • 1972 Series 1 De Tomaso Deauville – 5.8 V8 – Automatic – LHD – 43,000kms (27,000miles). ASi Registered – €77,699 or £69,999

This car is a rare creature, made in tiny numbers over a 14yr build history.

This is a much more sought after Series 1 car, with the more delicate features of the original design that were somewhat lost on the later versions.

This car is owned by a private collector as such he would prefer not to have the car shown on the world wide web in great detail, so what you see here is just a summary of the car. The car retains its original running gear and is a matching numbers car. It is used on a weekly basis and benefits from this regular use.

Please contact us for more information, or see the website sales page for slightly more detail.

This represents an opportunity to own a model that is only going one way in terms of value, but still offers a useable, reliable and practical classic. This car is located in Northern Italy.

  • 1969 Maserati Indy 4200cc – Manual LHD – 83,000kms –Asi Gold – ORO Cert – €89,999 or £81,000.

A rare original design Indy from the first year of production. A car that spent most of its life in Sicily, and now belongs to a car collector in Northern Italy.

We are expecting more details in the following days, but please contact us if you’d like to discuss. – This car is located in Northern Italy.

  • 1957 Fiat 1100 (Maybe a possible Mille Miglia car?) – €5,999

This car was purchased brand new in 1957 by Doctor Lelio Regi.

It was bought from the oldest Fiat dealer in Turin, based in Corso Bramante, and still wears its original plates.

He was born in Badia Tedalda, near Arezzo in Tuscany. He had family and business interests in Badia Tedalda.

In 1965, after the last trip from Turin – the car was parked up in the family barn, and it has never been back on the road since, or even moved.

For more details of the car and the story, plus a full photo set, please see the sales section of the website.   This car is located in Tuscany.

  • Nov 2006 TVR Sagaris LHD – One of the very last cars built. 18,500kms €109,000.

Originally anItalian export, this car is finished in Pearlescent Formula red and is in a remarkable condition.  Contact us for more in depth detail and a full photo spread of the car, including underneath.  – The car is located in Western Germany.

RHD UK Based TVR’s and Other Interesting Vehicles

As per usual we have a stock holding of lovely RHD UK based TVR’s and some other interesting vehicles, some of the two-wheeled variety as well!  All shown in the sales section of the website.

A full RHD stocklist is shown here:

  • 2004/54  – TVR Tuscan MK1 4.0  – Grigio Titanio – 33.5k – £29,999
  • 1998/R –  TVR Chimaera 400 PAS – Crimson Starmist  – 51k – £15,999
  • 2003/03 – TVR Griffith 5.0 SE –  Imperial Blue – 5k -£54,999
  • 2003/53 – TVR Tuscan MK1 S – Reflex Silver – 28k – £39,999
  • 2005/05 – TVR Sagaris – Meteor Silver – 25k – £74,999
  • 2005/55 – TVR Tuscan Convertible – Reflex Green – 23k – £45,999
  • 2000/X –  TVR Chimaera 450 PAS – Silver – 36k – £21,999
  • 2000/W – TVR Tuscan 4.0 Red Rose – Fireglow Pearl – 30k – £27,999
  • 2004/54 –  TVR Tamora A/C – Rolex Purple – 15k – £29,999
  • 1983/Y – BMW R100 Café Racer – ‘1970’s Retro’ – £5,999
  • 2013/13 – KTM 990Adventure – Orange & White – 10.5k – £6,999

To see more details on all the vehicles, please spend a few minutes on the website

We try to offer a good level of detail, as we understand that many of our cars and bikes are sold without viewing, due to the level of information we give. 

  After more than 12yrs we have built up what I’d like to think is a good reputation, so you might also enjoy reading a few of the testimonials on the site.  (Some are in several languages).   We are very proud of them and hope they will help you decide if Shmoo Automotive might be a company you’d like to buy a car or bike from. 🙂 

We also have over 20 pages of sold cars to look through as well, and we’re sure some of the petrolheads out there will enjoy looking through the photos and videos of old stock in the sold section.

Lastly, I’d like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.  

Your business and friendly support is very much appreciated. We really enjoy dealing with interesting cars, people and all the stories that come from it.  We have made some great friends along the way; several in 2018, and I truly hope that 2019 brings more fun challenges and new friendships.